We have a secret friend...

We have a secret friend.

He’s an Environmentalist by heart and Arborist by trade.  

He recognizes and specializes in producing the highest quality wood from his local tree cutting profession.

Traditionally, trees in our area are cut down for reasons other than usable lumber. Most is mulched into chips or for firewood.

When our special friend finds a beautiful tree, he saves the logs - mills/dries and stores them until they will be used for creative wood products. Many of these unique pieces have natural edges and come in all shapes and sizes.

When Meg and I were researching custom frames for our pieces of Art- we had NO idea how important the wood material would be. We learn something new every day, don’t we?! And we’ve never been so excited about good wood!

The type of organic lumber we offer you is not available in stores. It is a rarity in true form and one you can’t truly appreciate until you see and feel it in person. Each picture frame we produce is unique and we allow the natural wood to drive our design. Some of the local wood we use may be Cherry, Maple, Pine, Reclaimed 100 year old barn wood, Ash, etc. All has a story to tell and ends with a Masterpiece for you.

Thank you Charles Douglas for teaching, sharing and engaging us through this process. We would not be able to offer the quality of products without your expertise and we are very THANKFUL & GRATEFUL.

Here are some examples of our material... enjoy!

XO, Lindsey & Meg



Skye High Farms

Some say photography is all about light. Some say its about angles and perspectives. For me, its the people. The relationships. Annie Leibovitz said it best, 'A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.' You may be wondering why I'm talking about people when we're showing you images of cows and horses. Ok fair enough. But for me, its the passionate people behind these scenes, caring for these animals that makes the story. Watching these farmers and cattlemen that are committed to breed excellence is truly amazing and inspiring on so many levels. Skyler Anderson of Skye High Farms is one of these hard working cattlemen.   Skyler is the proud, passionate and dedicated owner of these glorious & gentle giants. His passion, dedication and knowledge is imperative to the quality and success of this rare and absolutely stunning breed of magical Highland Cattle.   We are so very excited to share our amazing experience at Skye High Farms with you. 


To learn more about Skye High Farms here.