Do you want to buy a race horse?

baby rocky.jpg

Here it is, the advertisement that I fell in love with, via  OTTB Connect on Facebook.

He was at Indiana Grand Racetrack & Casino in Shelbyville, IN - I drove down to the back side of the track the very next day, alone.    My husband, kids, friends and parents didn't even know.

There he stood, quietly in his stall. While all the other racehorses in the aisle were jumping around and acting aloof, Rocky remained calm. I brought him out of his stall with out a "stud chain" and still, he remained at ease given the hectic track life. For liability purposes, we are not allowed to give them a test drive (ride). All I had to evaluate him was a little sand round pen (if you want to call it that) area. You either connect with a horse partner or not and we immediately hit it off! LOL

 His pure SIZE!!!!! at 17.1 hands and race fit shape he was incredible and  I had to have him.

Rocky arrived 2 days later at New Beginning's Stables in Columbia City, IN.

side note- he's such a baby in these picutures!!!!  ahhhhhhhhh

 More to come- hold your horses, Lindsey