So here's the thing.... I wasn't a horse person

Lindsey called me one day and asked me to go to the barn. Eh.... I mean.... I could go? I didn't really want to? It sounded smelly and dirty and honestly I'm a dog person... not a horse person. Not only did she want me to come, but she wanted me to bring my camera?? To the barn?? Hold up!  There are about a million and twelve reasons why I SHOULDN'T bring my nice, expensive camera to a BARN!  (Insert mild swearing and rolling of eyes.)

But here's the thing with Lindsey.... you don't really tell her no. 

So I met her at the barn... with my camera. It was all the things I thought it would be. It was dirty and smelly. And you know what? I loved it! I absolutely loved it. 

Every photographer has their 'thing' that pushes them. For some its travel. Some love capturing the joy of weddings. I have a few but my favorites are personalities, relationships, and light. All of these things were pretty plentiful at the barn. 

So, here I am.... 4 years later.... and I'm hooked. I love capturing the relationships and personalities at the barn. I love watching owners light up when they talk to their horses. I love the relationships that the horse owners have with one another.  And, of course I love my beautiful friend, Lindsey. The one of a kind, crazy, fun, and passionate Lindsey... and her amazing family.