Not all Chicken is Created Equal!!

Sustainabilty. Locally grown. 

You may have heard these buzz words being thrown around alot these days. So many of us and invested in finding food as it should be. We're interested in finding farmers who are committed to their products. Farmers who are working hard to produce a product they are proud to share with their community.  Over the past few years, I (Lindsey) have been blessed to find humanely raised chicken, pork and beef that I know is free from chemicals and even more importantly, treated with dignity. On of our goals at B&B is to share these wonderful resources with you!

It's also important to mention that it's taken me a few years to get to this point because shopping locally and sustainably takes more time and effort than running into your local big chain supermarket.

Today, I'm going to introduce you to our Chicken Farmer, Doug Beutler of Beutler Farms in Columbia City, Indiana. Doug pours his heart into his small scale sustainable chicken farming & processing business by providing pasture raised, free range, hormone and anti-biotic free chicken (not just eggs).  He shares his journey with us as consumers and we watch as the chicks arrive, grow and free range within his homestead. Free range chickens get fresh air, have contact with other chickens and have room to roam.

Not all chicken is created equal - once you experience the difference you will never go back to chain store proteins.

Many thanks to Beutler Farms for giving us sustainable &  healthy chicken to feed our family. Follow their journey and learn more here.

Eat local, shop local, support your farmer. Have a farmer we should know about? We would love to hear from you!

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Support Sustainable Farming

The story below is powerful and a depiction of current times.

Ironically, I’m literally picking up our families quarterly allotment of beef, sourced from Taylor Made Farms in Columbia City, IN.
I can’t preach enough about buying local and not only supporting our agriculture / farming community but feeding our family in the most healthy & sustainable way.

Say NO to factory farming and support LOCAL. 

Please take a moment and read.